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Simon Chang at China-ROK Friendly Communication Night 2015

Time:2017-03-27  Source:ChinaTV Dingyuan Media  Editor:Simon Chang

Simon Chang at China-ROK Friendly Communication Night 2015 

By China TV Dingyuan Media


China-ROK Friendly Communication Night was successfully held on 25 August 2015. Those who attended the celebration were Mr. Li Jinzao, Director of China National Tourism Bureau, Mr. Wang Xiaofeng, Deputy Director of China National Tourism Bureau, Mr. Kim Jong, Under-Secretary of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ministry of ROK, Mr. Kim Jang-soo, ROK ambassador to China, Mr. Jeong Chang-Soo, Tourism Development Bureau of ROK, Mr. Park Sam-koo, Chairman of Visiting Committee of ROK, Mr. Simon Chang, Director of China TV Dingyuan International Communications Center, as well as other 800 representatives of the tourism industry from both China and ROK. 


Mr. Li Jinzao said that China and ROK are neighbors to each other. Since the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations, China and ROK witnessed frequent tourism exchanges and deepened cooperation. The scale and level of the exchange is unprecedented. China is the largest source of tourists to and the largest tourism destination for ROK and vice versa.  


Mr. Wang Xiaofeng, Mr. Kim Jong, Mr. Kim Jang-soo and Mr. Park Sam-koo addressed the audience respectively and spoke highly of the fruitful cooperation between the two sides. They vowed to take the China-ROK Tourism Year as an opportunity to strengthen cooperation and deepen bilateral exchanges.