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Simon Chang attended the National Day celebration reception in Colombia

Time:2017-10-13  Source:China TV Dingyuan Media  Editor:T Lee


Simon Chang, general manager of China TV Media, director of International Exchange Centre and Oscar, Ambassador of Colombia to China (Zhang Yun photo)

China TV media news (reporter Ding Yuan Media in October 12, 2017 Zhang Yun) general manager, director of the media in the Dingyuan International Exchange centre Simon Chang, Ambassador of Colombia Oscar Rueda invited Colombia to attend the "National Day" and the 1492 America that day celebration reception.


Ambassador Oscar Rueda of Colombia addressed the National Day celebration (Photo by Zhang Yun)


General manager of CHINA TV media, Simon Chang, director of the International Exchange Centre of CHINA TV and Colombia ambassador to China Oscar Rueda at the "National Day" reception (Zhang Yun photo)


The general manager, director of Dingyuan media in China TV Dingyuan International Exchange centre Mr.Simon Chang and Colombia embassy defense attaché in the "National Day" conference (Zhang Yun photo)

At the reception, Ambassador Oscar Rueda introduced the history of Colombia and shared the best coffee in the world.


Simon Chang, general manager of CHINA TV Media and director of Colombia International Exchange Centre, invited Oscar, Rueda, Ambassador to Colombia to attend the reception of the "National Day" celebration (photograph Zhang Yun)

Colombia coffee is one of the few coffees sold in the world with the name of the country. In terms of quality, it won praise beyond the reach of other coffees. Colombia is more concerned about developing products and promoting production than other producers. Its advantage is its superior geographical and climatic conditions, the Colombian Coffee quality and taste is world famous. Roasted coffee beans will release a sweet fragrance, with good quality characteristics both sweet and bitter, because the concentration is appropriate it is often used in high-level mixed coffee. Colombia coffee exudes a subtle and elegant fragrance, unlike Brazilian coffee which is strong and unlike African coffee which is sour, Colombian coffee has a sweet light fragrance, low-key and elegant.